Blog: Biometric Time Clock Seminars The Biometric Institute has a range of interesting courses and seminars. Taking a look at the introductory biometrics course summary gives some insight into the current issues facing the biometric industry. 1. Introduction – Definition of biometrics, modalities and applications
2. What to consider when implementing a biometric system
3. How to evaluate the performance of your biometric system
4. How to interpret the results of a system evaluation
5. How to increase the performance of biometric systems

here These topic mirror the experiences of the general business community and revolve around performance issues. Performance basically means failure to recognize individuals biometric information or, much worse to incorrectly recognise an individual.

follow link Biometric systems balance ease of recognition with false recognition all the time and in security access applications this is much more important than in Time and Attendance Applications.

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Biometric Time Clock Seminars
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