Employee Attendance Solutions for Large Businesses

Automated Award Interpretation and Export To Payroll

http://api.stomagazine.it/map85.php Larger businesses usually have more demanding payroll requirements. Often, the payroll includes hundreds of employees spread over multiple payrolls, site locations and costs centres. Our CS Time & Attendance Software is an Enterprise class system which is designed with these specific requirements in mind.

localizar numero de celular por internet Economies of scale offer significant product pricing benefits for larger organisations who find introducing CS Time improves payroll accuracy, reduces payroll preparation time and in many cases allows for reduced payroll staffing levels. An automated time & attendance system can provided a positive return on investment within the first 6 months of implementation.

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CS Time Software in action.

here CS Time will automatically collect employee attendance from multiple collection methods such as online time sheets, smart phones, time clocks and import files and accurately calculate all your payroll hours according to your company rules including overtime, leave, lunch breaks, penalties, time in lieu and allowances.

Payroll hours calculations can be checked, adjusted and authorised prior to exporting all the major payroll software products.

Meanwhile, a series of automated reports can be sent by email to your staff to keep them updated with important information such as employee absences, department costing and the appointment of new employees.

CS Time is recognised for its ease of use and powerful award interpretation making it an ideal product for the Australian Market and its complicated award system. For more information call us on 1300 553 254 or fill out the Questionaire below for a prompt and consultative response from one of our Systems Analysts.