Free time and attendance for small businesses

Start accurately recording your employee attendance today! If you own or operate a small business with 10 or less employees we have a fully featured solution for your attendance recording. Today, just about everybody owns a smart phone.

mac mail attachment icon missing Your staff can simply download our Timetec App for I-Phone and Android and start clocking immediately. Alternatively, they can use a PC or I-Pad at their workplace.

por favor clique para fonte The TimeTec App will record the following information:-

  • » Employee Number
  • » Date and time of clocking event
  • » Job number if required
  • » GPS location of employee
  • » Picture of employee if required.

You can then access these records using the cloud based TimeTecTA application.

The TimeTecTa cloud based software handles rostering, daily and payroll hours calculations and export to common payroll software products or an excel file.

If you don’t have payroll software you can use TimeTecTA to calculate wages!


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