Biotime 8 Mobile Attendance

by Time & Attendance Solutions


Biotime 8  is a fully-featured web-based employee attendance system designed to help you manage employee attendance for both fixed and remote employees.

Biotime 8 can be installed on single PC or Server or even hosted externally. 

Employees can clock in and out using our Multibio 160 Time clocks which feature PIN, proximity, fingerprint and facial recognition in one compact unit.

The optional Biotime Mobile App is available for both Android and IOS and features GPS located clocking, work code and break. Mobile clocking can be added at any stage.

Employees can also clock in using any browser equipped device and an employee self-service portal provides access to their individual attendance records.

Biotime 8 Software features include

  • Rostering
  • Fixed and flexible shifts
  • Normal time and weekend hours
  • 3 overtime categories
  • Multi User software
  • Automated reporting
  • Daily and weekly overtime
  • Browser-based software
  • Employee self-service
  • Multi level approvals
  • biotime8

Biotime Hardware Features

  • Simple phone app for Android and IOS
  • GPS locations for all mobile clocking events
  • The geo-fence feature restricts clocking locations
  • Work codes
  • Time-sheet query
  • Employee messaging
  • Breaks recording
  • Hygienic contactless facial recognition time clocks