CS Time Clock Proximity Model

by Time & Attendance Solutions

The CS Time Clock is a web-enabled employee time clock designed with small businesses in mind.

Simply plug it into your network and connect to it using your internet browser. With no painful software to install and manage this is the easiest employee time clock to set up.

It can calculate payroll hours, export to popular payroll software products and because the software is embedded on the clock it is easy to access just using your internet browser.

Price Includes-

  • CS Time Clock - Proximity Tag Model
  • 20 Employee Key ring Tags
  • Delivery
  • Set up Assistance
  • Training by GoTo Assist
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • 12 Months Annual Support

See the CS Time Clock Fingerprint Model Here

Proximity Time Clocks and Security

Proximity time clocks are an excellent deterrent for employee time theft without the expense of fingerprint or other biometric technologies.

When you think about time theft the typical scenario is that employees have their workmates clock in for them when they are late or, if you are still using time sheets employees simply write the time they were supposed to be at work instead of the time they actually arrived.

The main reasons why employees are late for work include waking up late, traffic issues, public transport delays and motor vehicle issues.

This means that most events are not planned so, if you use a proximity tag-based system where employees keep their swipe tag on a key ring then the tag is always with them and not available for their workmates to clock them in.

If and employee wants to leave or arrive late and plans this with a workmate, there is a risk that the other employee will be late and this will cause the offending employee issues with their clocking. 

For the above reasons, proximity-based clocking eliminates most buddy punching issues.


Watch a Training Video on the CS Time Clock Below