Fingertec TA100C Fingerprint Time Clock

by Fingertec
 Fingertec TA100C
If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and simple biometric time attendance clock, TA100C is your ultimate choice.  It can contain 3000 fingerprint templates and 120,000 transaction logs in its flash memory at any given time. The TA100C verifies using fingerprint or password.
Equipped with the most commonly used IP communication method and USB flash disk, TA500 is the most powerful simple attendance system for your small and medium offices.
The TA100C Integrates seamlessly with the bundled TCMSV3 Attendance Software for easy calculation of employee attendance times and export to many common payroll products.

 The TA 500 Time Clock when used with the bundled TCMSV3 Attendance Software provides small business with an affordable and accurate employee attendance system.

Installation is simple and the software can be easily configured to suit your particular pay rules. The TCMSV3 Software includes pre-defined reports for time sheets. Weekly and payroll hours and absentee reports.

Take control of your employee attendance today with a TA 500 Fingerprint Time Clock