CS Time Rostering for improved payroll hours calculations

CS Time Rostering for improved payroll hours calculations.

CS Time Rostering is designed to enhance the flexibility of the award interpretation for those companies who have their employees work varied weekly shifts.

CS Time allows you to roster employees to different shifts with different pay rules over the week or even over multiple weeks. CS Time will automatically calculate daily hours according to the rules for that shift and consolidate the daily hours into a single payroll hours report.

Additional functionality such as Costed Rosters, split and double shifts are also available.
Rostering is a standard component of the CS Time & Attendance Software. Simply select the CS Time package most suitable to your business from the links below to find out more.

CS Time Enterprise allows you to provide access for employees through a web browser to view their rosters, time sheets and payroll hours. We can configure this so that employees are in view only mode or we can add functionality to allow them to enter their availability.

Full time employees can enter leave request in their roster in advance and supervisors and managers can approve leave within their roster view.

CS Time allows you to better plan employee work schedules and that results in lower shift costs.

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