Blog: Why are you actually buying an employee time clock? Answering the proximity versus biometric question.

This is a question you should always ask yourself before you commit to a purchase.

This is a starting point for those who are unclear as to whether they should buy a proximity (swipe tag) or biometric time clock.

The reason for buying a time clock  will probably give a good starting point for the type of time clock you should be looking at.

You probably already know that time clocks are available with bio-metric ( fingerprint, facial recognition etc) or Proximity (swipe tag) so deciding which is the right technology for your business is a good first step.

follow url Here are the most common reasons companies like yours decide to buy a time clock.

1) You have a manual system and you want to improve record keeping.

2) You are worried about employees falsifying their start or finish times.

3) You want to automate the payroll preparation process.

4) Manual time sheets are labour intensive and prone to calculation errors.

5) You are replacing an existing time clock.

Looking at these reasons, and some you may have yourself,  they fall into one of two broad categories. 1) Making it easier to do the pays.

If this is your primary reason for introducing a new time clock and you are not concerned with “keeping the employees honest” (see below) then you can make the first decision you need to make and that is to buy a PIN or Proximity type time clock rather than a fingerprint time clock. 2) Keeping the employees honest.

If this is your main reason for introducing a new employee time clock then perhaps a biometric time clock is the right choice for you. They certainly eliminate time theft but they can be more difficult use both for employees and your staff hier klicken um mehr zu sehen . We only recommend biometric when there are serious time theft issues and mainly on unsupervised sites.