Cloud Time Attendance

Cloud Time Attendance Systems

How to tell if this option is right for you

Our cloud-based Time Attendance Systems can be hosted on your server or ours.
When we host the system we maintain the applications and the servers including software updates and data backups.
This means that your infrastructure requirements are minimal. Our cloud-based time attendance systems feature GPS located mobile phone
clocking so they are ideal for companies with a mobile workforce.

remote access
budget attendance

Access on any device

Easy implementation

Low upfront costs

  • Time clocks for fixed locations
  • Phone apps with GPS location
  • Clock in on any browser based device
  • No software to install
  • Access using a web browser
  • Multi User Environment
  • No server associated costs
  • No software maintenance costs
  • No upfront software costs

Flexible clocking options and ease of use

cloud attendance

Cloud-based systems with a difference...

Typically, cloud-based time and attendance systems are subscription based.  You pay a monthly fee for each employee and for some companies this works well but in other cases it can be a costly option.

What if you could have the benefit of cloud based attendance without the monthly fees? The good news is that you can because  unlike other products ours can be installed on your own PC or Server.

It's entirely up to you. Our most popular cloud systems are listed below but we can tailor a solution to your individual needs.

No monthly costs!
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