How We Use This Enquiry Form

This Enquiry Form is specially designed to gather the most important information about your company and the way you pay your employees. It was a designed by a Senior Time & Attendance Consultant and, along with extensive knowledge of Time & Attendance, Payroll and Time Clock Systems  it can be used as the basis for determining the most appropriate system for your business.

We try and make the process as simple as possible. Just provide us the answers to a few simple questions about your business and we will send you a complete evaluation and solution within 24 hours.  We wont confuse you with complex options - just the one option that best suits your application. We will reveal the total cost of the solution and any ongoing costs if applicable.

Buying a new time and attendance solution is an investment in your business that should provide you with a return in either time or money or both. If you have a small company, then that investment will be less than just one of your mobile phones on a plan is likely to cost you. If you are a larger employer the solution will introduce significant time savings that will almost certainly pay for themselves within the first year of use.

So, take the time to complete the form and your personalized time and attendance system proposal will be delivered within 24 hours.