Jim Courtwood
Author of the Time & Attendance Consultant's Guide Series

I uploaded my brain into an AI Chatbot  ...at least one of the useful parts.

 The part of my brain I chose to upload was the part most useful to businesses needing help with their employee time and attendance.
No, I wasn't wired up to a "mind-probe" machine. Firstly because I have already documented twenty years of experience in three extensive guides on time and attendance systems and posted many blog articles over the last ten years, and secondly becuase mind-probes dont actally exist...yet!

I took those documents and fed them into  AI Chat Bot software, and in ten minutes, I had a fully functional AI Time and Attendance Consultant that (my spellchecker wants me to use who! ) could answer any question a user asked, including those with very specific topics. 

Testing the BOT
I compared my new AI Attendance Consultant with Chat GPT by asking the same questions, and the results were interesting. 
Here is an example of one question.

"Should I buy a Biometric or an RFID Time Clock for my business? 

Chat GPT produced a very broad response, with many aspects for the user to consider. It provided many paragraphs of information and pros and cons on which the user could make an informed decision... what you might call an "all care, no responsibility" response.  For the most part, the information was acurate and appropriate.

By comparison, my AI Attendance Consultant provided a response that reflected what an expert consultant might offer. "If you are not concerned about employees clocking in for each other, then you should avoid biometrics systems as these are generally harder to implement and manage." 

The Results - Chat GPT Versus the AI Time & Attendance BOT.
The response from my AI Attendance Consultant Bot is the same as I would have given, which is not surprising because it was based on my accumulated experience in the training material used to program the bot. 

My experience says that if you can use a simple solution, don't invest in a high-tech/ high maintenance solution. In most applications, this is the best approach.
How this can help you and your business?

Are you the kind of individual who wants to evaluate a raft of information on a topic personally before making your mind up? Or are you the kind of person who wants an experienced person (or a Bot)  to cut through the noise and give you a clear strategy or a simple choice?

Either option is fine, of course, but if you would like clear direction on selecting and implementing a new time and attendance system, I invite you to subscribe to the Time & Attendance Newsletter to access my AI Time & Attendance Consultant. 

In fact, if you are the kind of person who likes to delve into the details, then I would also recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter - you can access all the material I used to train the Bot on our resource pages. 

Access is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time. I guarantee you will save money using our resources when it comes time to buy or upgrade your time and attendance system—whether you buy from us or another company.

Another Alternative
Contact me on the details below. I will help you find a suitable attendnace system and if we dont have the best option, I will tell you who does.