Time clock with built in Covid features.

Jim Courtwood
Author of the Time  & Attendance Consultant's Guides

I must admit, I didn't see this one coming.

It's not that I don't take the whole COVID-19 thing seriously it's just that I didn't expect such a rapid response from this Hong Kong based time clock supplier.

Actatek has been at the forefront of biometric time clocks and access control for many years. They were the first company to introduce stand-alone time clocks running on a Linux platform. These time clocks have an inbuilt web server so all attendance and access records can be accessed using a web browser on any device.

Their latest release has some interesting features designed to assist companies in dealing with the challenges of monitoring employees in this new era of increased focus on employee health and social distancing.

The new clocks now feature body temperature readers and can be set to prevent access to a work area if an employee has an abnormal temperature. Additionally, to deal with the four square metre per person rule,  the system administrator can set the maximum number of employees allowed in specific areas within your premises,  and prevent additional employees from entering that area until others leave.

On the reporting side, the administrator can access an event log showing all the staff who used a specific terminal. The Actatek developers believe these reports would be useful for contact tracing should any employee be confirmed to have an infectious disease.

On the technical side, the Actatek uses 256-bit encrypted transmissions over the web, so the data contained on the device is secure. The product also offers free middleware SOAP/API for integration with 3rd party applications. The Actatek time clocks also boast some other advanced features including Facial Recognition, POE, exceptional reliability and they are IP65 rated.

I am sure that many readers of this article have seen social distancing rules being either ignored or just simply diluted in the day to day processes of getting stuff done either in the workplace or out in the shopping centres. Certainly, I don't check the temperature of any of my employees before they start work each day, but that doesn't mean if there was a less invasive and confronting way that I wouldn't consider it.

This new Acatek has the potential to do some background monitoring of employee health and also to enforce the workplace social distancing that can be hard to regulate on day by day basis.

Are there potential privacy issues? , perhaps, but I think it's a tool worth considering.

Let me know what you think.

Jim Courtwood
Time & Attendance Consultant

Want to know more?

The new ACTAtek  products are due for release by June 2020.

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