Mobile Attendance Solutions

Mobile, web and biometric clocking options

Pay by the month or buy outright

Fully featured and flexible software

With Biotime 8 employees can clock using their mobile phones, PC, Mac or any browser equipped device. At fixed locations staff can use one of our safe and hygenic facial recogintion terminals.

We can host the whole system for you on a pay by the month basis or you can buy the system outright and jost it yourself with no ongoing charges.

Good software is at the heart of a good time and attendance system. Biotime 8 is an advanced and fully featured attendnace system and an entry-levl price.


Biotime 8 is packed with features to help your company more effectively manage employee attendance not just in the workplace for mobile and work from home employees.

Clocking Options

Software features

  • Simple Phone app for Android and IOS
  • GPS location for all mobile clocking events
  • Geofence feature to restrict clocking locatoins
  • Work codes
  • Time sheet query
  • Employee Messaging
  • Supervisor/Manager app settings
  • Web interface clockings
  • Breaks
  • Hygenic, contactless biometric time clocks
  • Rostering
  • Fixed and flexible shifts
  • Normal time and weekend work
  • 3 overtime categories
  • Multi Users
  • Automated reporting
  • Daily and weekly overtime
  • Browser based software for remote access
  • Employee self service
  • Multi level approvals