5 Sure-fire ways to fail

Jim Courtwood

Author of the Time & Attendance Guide's Series

If you really wanted to guarantee failure when implementing any new system then here are 5 sure-fire ways to do it.

1. Have a low budget.

As much as we all like to save money, there is little point in buying a product just because it is inexpensive if it doesn't perform the required functions.
Employee time clock systems have the potential to save significant time and effort. They can quickly and more accurately calculate employee attendance hours, eliminate employee time theft and provide a more convenient method of archiving records.
Low priced products simply don't do any of this very well so they would be your best choice if you are looking for a failed system.

2. Buy online from China.

While there are some quality products you can source online, there are hundreds which don't make the mark. They either don't perform as described, are of poor quality or are virtually unsupported.
If you want to go it alone when there is a product warranty or support issues, then buy a $100 Chinese time clock on eBay, and you will be ready for disappointment and frustration.

3. Expect it to be easy.

There is nothing quite like an underestimation to guarantee failure.
While we all want things to be easy so a stick your head in the sand approach is a good way to ensure that you will be totally unprepared for implementing a time clock system.

4. Give the job to the wrong person.

To make sure the implementation fails, you should find someone in the organisation who is inexperienced in time and attendance. Give the job to your IT provider because they are really good at technical stuff, give the job to a junior employee who has never managed a project for you.
Give the job to your external bookkeeper, who is only at your office one day a week.

5.Under-manage  the project.

It was your job to buy the new time and attendance system so it's now time to bail out and let someone else set it all up.
Simple systems install themselves, and your staff have nothing better to do than get it all running, so don't bother checking in with them and setting time frames.

Of course, if you wanted to make sure that your new time and attendance system was properly implemented in a timely fashion, then you would do the opposite of these things.

Jim Courtwood

Time & Attendance Consultant

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