Jim Courtwood
Author of the Time & Attendance Consultant's Guide Series

Stand-alone employee time clocks have a lot of things going for them. Unlike traditional employee time clocks which require software, the stand-alone products allow access to onboard software using your internet browser. This cuts down implementation time and saves your valuable time and money.

Software installation comes with inherent problems. Firstly, you may require an IT Provider to install the software for you, and it is not uncommon for your operating system to require an upgrade.
The software must all be configured and, if you are like most business owners of payroll managers, where will you find the time for that.

What often happens is that a company buys a new budget-priced time clock with software only to find that all the add-ons cost more than the clock itself. This can include the training, setup, IT Provider costs and a support agreement.

Stand-alone time clocks are more expensive, but they are straightforward to set up and often come completely preconfigured with your attendance rules, employees preloaded, and 12-month support.

Let's take a look at a typical time clock which can be purchased online.

Fingerprint Time Clock  $950
Implementation Package  $450
3 Months Support   $350
IT Support  for Installation of Software  $200   

TOTAL    $1,950

In this equation, you cannot easily put a value on your time but it is significant. By comparison, a fully configured Fingerprint stand-alone time clock can be purchased for $1,949. Clearly, a turn-key solution is not more expensive at all!

Pre-configured, stand-alone employee time clocks are a much better alternative to software-based systems, particularly for small companies who generally do not have the time and budget to allocate to their employee attendance project.

Jim Courtwood

Time & Attendance Consultant