Jim Courtwood
Author of the Time & Attendance Consultant's Guide Series

Businesses today operate in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment. New technologies, changing customer needs, and evolving market conditions require companies to adapt quickly to remain competitive.

One key area where companies can make significant improvements is by changing their business processes to suit available solutions.

In the past, businesses had to design their processes to fit the technology available to them. However, with the advent of new software solutions, companies can now choose from a wide range of options that can help them optimize their operations. Whether it's a new customer relationship management system, supply chain management software, or a time and attendance system, businesses can choose the best solution that suits their unique needs.

Adopting new software solutions can often be challenging for businesses, especially when it requires significant changes to existing business processes. However, companies that are willing to embrace change and invest in new technology can often reap significant benefits.

In the case of Time & Attendance Systems, many companies operate under similar awards that very clearly outline pay rates, hours of work, overtime and penalty rules but rarely  address the many nuances of business-specific rules such as grace times ( how late an employee can be before time is ducted), what rounding rules are applied for all the clocking events during the day or indeed how short amounts of overtime are treated.

In many small businesses the owner takes a flexible approach that makes it very difficult to apply fixed rules required when setting up a time and attendance system. On the surface, flexibility seems to be a "friendlier" and more accommodating approach to employees but in the practical world, it adds uncertainty, often an appearance of preferential treatment and eliminates the possibility of process automation.

Time to Reengineer Your Processes? 

Sometimes, companies need to change their processes to fully realize the benefits of new software solutions. This may require reengineering existing processes to better align with the capabilities of the new software. In some cases, companies may need to adopt new processes altogether.

Any complex time and attendance solution can be addressed with a high end attendance system but if your attendance rules were refined to comply to industry standards, then it is likley that you would be able to source an entry-level atttendance system that would accommodate your requirements.

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