Time and Attendance Executive Summary

— By Jim Courtwood

Employee time clock systems are designed to accurately monitor employee attendance for the purpose of calculating payroll hours, preventing employee tardiness and time theft and for compliance with certain WHS obligations.

Employers are required to keep accurate records of employees attendance both as supporting documentation for the production of payroll and as a means of recording which employees are on site to facilitate emergency evacuations. Liability for non-compliance in these areas, in particular the WHS component ultimately lies with the Directors, company officers and Senior Executives. It is not only good accounting practice to record employee attendance but it is also a mandatory business practice.

The choice of cs time clock and attendance software depends on the specific requirements of the organisation. Biometric Systems are used when there is a risk of employee Time Theft. Cloud based systems are used when mobile workers can use their own phones as clock in devices. Windows based  Attendance Software  is more commonly used when awards or business rules are complex. Small businesses benefit for stand alone systems. Larger multi site organisations benefit from Enterprise class attendance systems built on a multi User Multi Site platform.